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Greene's Blueberry Patch

Come spend the morning or afternoon on our farm to pick blueberries, enjoy a picnic on convenient picnic tables or simply take in the gorgeous views. Greene's Blueberry Patch boasts the sweetest blueberries you've ever tasted, we also are an ORGANIC farm, that uses No pesticides or fertilizers. 

The blueberries normally start to ripen around the 2nd week of July through the middle of August.  Blueberries are $10 a gallon.  Come and visit - your taste buds will thank you!

We provide 1 gal. Buckets. Please leave them for others to use. First understand that a blueberry does not sweeten any further once picked. Taste the blueberries and when you find one you like, pick all the berries on that bush. You want the biggest, plumpest berry you can find and Enjoy.  

Leave Cash or Check in Box

Open from Dusk to Dawn

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