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Greene Tree Farm

Hours of Operation

This year we will only be open on Saturday November 19th 

From 10:00 - 5:00


Why 1 day only?

We have a limited selection of trees, and limiting our sales will allow us to have more and bigger trees to sale next year. 

What about making an appointment for a different day?

To get the equipment, to cut, bale, and load your trees to the farm is time consuming on days we are not open. We will make special appointments, for those willing to pay a Fee of $100 plus the cost of the tree.

How many trees to choose from?

2-4 Feet        6000

4-5 Feet        1000

5-6 Feet        350

6-7 Feet        125

** No Selection over 7 Feet **

How much?

Tabletop    $35

  3-4'        $45 

4-5'        $55

5-6'        $65

6-7'        $75

7-8'        $85

What to Do:

•  Hayrides – Weather Permitting!
• Christmas Shop – Including Homemade Goodies and Christmas Decor
• Free Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider 
• Spectacular Views!
• Fraser Fir Christmas Wreaths
• We will Bale, and Load your Christmas Tree
Greene Tree Farm.jpg

Nov 19th

10:00 - 5:00


6989 Junaluska Rd

Boone, NC 28607